Will Maryland Promise?

Maryland has been talking about a College Promise program for 3 years. Meanwhile there are now over 200 College Promise programs in communities across 41 states, including 6 statewide programs.

Maryland now has 6 College Promise programs:

  • Garrett College (2006)
  • Allegany College (2015)
  • Hagerstown Community College (2017)
  • Wor-Wic Community College (2016)
  • Prince George’s Community College (2017), and
  • Baltimore City Community College (fall of 2018).

These programs have helped many students achieve success in their careers. But they only help students who live in those jurisdictions. We need to help all Marylanders.

That’s why MACC is supporting 2018 legislation for statewide College promise programs. There are currently 3 bills:

  • HB 16
  • SB 261
  • SB 317

Without a College Promise program in Maryland, our skills gap will continue to grow and our economy and workforce will be limited.




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