Return on Your Investment at Community Colleges

According to US News and World Report, several 2-year degrees or technical certificates may offer graduates a better return than a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution.

Top-earning areas for apprenticeships and technical certificates include:

1.Engineering technology

2.Radiation technology and medical imaging

3.Plumbing and heating

4.Dental hygiene

Maryland Community Colleges offer many vocation certificates and associates degrees that prepare students for careers, and are geared towards industries growing in Maryland. As described by the Maryland Association of Community Colleges,

“The colleges … offer vocationally oriented certificates and associate degrees that prepare students for careers, including the major disciplines of Business and Commerce, Information Technology, Health Services and Paramedical Technologies, Mechanical and Engineering Technologies, Natural Science, and Public Service. Over 3,000 certificates and 4,600 career degrees are awarded annually by community colleges in Maryland.

For more information, see the full story from US News and World Report, 4 Degrees That Are Better to Earn at a Community College.

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