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MACCDatabooks-smMACC Databooks
Statistical data from 16 Maryland community colleges and Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)

Report on Non-credit Continuing Education, Licensure & Certification, FY2021
Maryland Community College Assoc. of Continuing Education and Training (MCCACET)


Career & College Ready via Dual Enrollment
Presentation on the power of dual enrollment in creating college and career-ready students
2015 by MACC staff


Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce – selected reports

America’s Divided Recovery: College Haves and Have-Nots
Report reveals that 95% of jobs created during the economic recovery went to workers with at least some college education. (publ. 2016)
More: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce

Learning While Earning: The New Normal
Report explores completion challenges for the 70% of college students who balance work, college and other life priorities. Policy changes are also explored.(publ. 2015)
More: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce


Nursing: Supply and Demand through 2020
Report projects a growing need for qualified nurses and anticipates a shortfall by 2020. (publ. 2015)
More: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce

bg-headerComplete College America – selected reports


Four-Year Myth
Report shows on-time graduation is a myth for most college students; postponed graduations impact college affordability. (publ. 2014)
More: Complete College America


The Game Changers
Report tackles common obstacles to college completion and maps out new strategies for student success. (publ. 2013)
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Time is the Enemy
Report highlights student data not previously collected, and its higher education policy implications. (publ 2011)
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