College in High School

Dual enrollment programs, sometimes called early college access*, provide an important
opportunity for high school students to try college courses while still in the familiar high school environment. Tuition is discounted and sometimes free. Courses can be either
academic or career/technical (CTE).

*Some colleges may have others names for these programs; it is best to check directly with your college. Links to each college’s
dual enrollment program are below.

Dual Enrollment and Early College Access Programs

Research shows Dual Enrollment Students: 

  • Are more likely to attend and complete college,
  • Are better prepared for college, both academically and socially,
  • Build academic confidence, and
  • Save $100s – $1000s on college tuition

Not Just for Honor Roll Students
Research confirms that dual enrollment and early college access programs can improve academic outcomes for students who are:

  • Academically-challenged,
  • Non-native English speakers,
  • From underrepresented ethnic and economic backgrounds
Source: Jobs for the Future

Maryland Tuition Discount on 4 Courses

  • Minimum 25% tuition discount, 50% to 100% tuition discount possible, based on county
  • 100% tuition discount for F.A.R.M. students (Free and Reduced Meal)

College Credit in High School

  • Provides a significant head start on college and career
  • Improves college affordability
  • Reduces student debt
  • Increases high school graduation rates
  • Increases college completion rates


Early / Middle College programs provide early college access as stand-alone high schools within colleges.
Students simultaneously earn a high school diploma, and either an associate degree, or up to 60 transferable college credits.

Cecil College
Early College Academy

Frederick Community College
Early College at FCC

Hagerstown Community College
STEMM Technical Middle College Program (STMC)