College in High School

Dual enrollment programs, sometimes called early college access*, provide an important
opportunity for high school students to try college courses while still in a familiar
environment. Tuition is discounted and sometimes free. Courses can be either
academic or career/technical (CTE).

*Some colleges may have others names for these programs; it is best to check directly with your college. Links to each college’s
dual enrollment program are below.

Dual Enrollment and Early College Access Programs

Research shows Dual Enrollment Students: 

  • Are more likely to attend and complete college,
  • Are better prepared for college, both academically and socially,
  • Build academic confidence, and
  • Save $100s – $1000s on college tuition

Not Just for Honor Roll Students
Research confirms that dual enrollment and early college access programs can improve academic outcomes for students who are:

  • Academically-challenged,
  • Non-native English speakers,
  • From underrepresented ethnic and economic backgrounds
Source: Jobs for the Future

Maryland Tuition Discount on 4 Courses

  • Minimum 25% tuition discount, 50% to 100% tuition discount possible, based on county
  • 100% tuition discount for FARM students (Free and Reduced Meal)

College Credit in High School

  • Provides a significant head start on college and career
  • Improves college affordability
  • Reduces student debt
  • Increases high school graduation rates
  • Increases college completion rates


Early / Middle College programs provide early college access as stand-alone high schools within colleges.
Students simultaneously earn a high school diploma, and either an associate degree, or up to 60 transferable college credits.