Parents of Young Children

G.P.A.s with A-B-Cs

Attending college, while parenting young children, presents special challenges. If you are a parent of little ones, and you are returning to, or just starting, college, you have made an important choice. You have decided that time spent away from your child(ren), while attending class and studying, is a worthwhile investment in your family’s future.

But knowing that your child(ren) are getting a high-quality daycare/preschool experience can help you focus on your studies. Quality, affordable, licensed, and accredited child care centers are available on the main campus of every Maryland community college, and at some satellite campuses, as well.

Childcare centers typically operate year-round, and serve full-time and part-time students, college employees, and the local community. Many centers also offer drop-in schedules. Use our Explore Colleges page to check with your local community college for details.