Maryland has 16 community colleges 

We call them, “Maryland’s Sweet 16” 

Here’s a few reasons we think they are so SWEET:

  • Nearly $10 billion/year is pumped into Maryland’s economy by our 16 community colleges. (equivalent to employment of 150,000 people) SWEET!

  • Community colleges are Maryland’s largest single workforce trainer. It’s SWEET because by 2020 69% of Maryland’s jobs will require some form of training or education beyond high school.

  • About 90% of Maryland’s community college students remain in Maryland after completing school, using their newly gained knowledge and skills to improve their own lives, and those around them. SWEET!

  • Maryland taxpayers receive an annual return of 4.2% on their investment in Maryland’s community colleges. That’s SWEET because it means Maryland actually earns money on the financial support it provides to the colleges.