Most eligible students can now get career training or a college degree tuition-free.*

Maryland’s Community College Promise program
pays tuition for eligible students.

Are you eligible?

Eligible students:

  • Enroll full-time at a Maryland community college within two years after high school graduation or GED completion.
  • Apply for Promise funding no later than March 1st of planned college enrollment year.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher at the end of first semester of senior year.
  • Have a household income of:
    • $100,000, or less, if single or living in a single-parent household, or
    • $150,000, or less, if married or living in a two-parent household.
  • Are eligible for in-state tuition. Unsure if you qualify? Click here to contact your local community college’s admissions office.
  • Commit to work full-time within 1 year after completing college and pay standard Maryland income taxes, for the same time period Promise funds are received.
  • Eligibility does not guarantee award.

Think you’re eligible?
Connect with your local community college for Promise details!

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*Tuition and mandatory fees are covered for most eligible students. Tuition may not be fully covered in some enrollment situations. Discuss with your community college when enrolling.

The Maryland Community College Promise program is separate from, and in some cases may be supplemental to, a county or local community college’s Promise program. Modifications to Maryland’s new Community College Promise program may occur. Please check with your community college for updates. The above information is accurate as of fall 2019.


You must complete your FAFSA online by March 1.**

**March 1 deadline applies to credit programs only. Non-credit programs use rolling application dates.