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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Community College

1. Affordable. Save xx% compared to tuition at a public 4-year college, and xx% less than at a private institution.
2. Convenient. With 1000+ sites, 23 campuses, and 16 colleges offering online, in-person, and hybrid classes — there is a community college when you need it, where you need it.
3. Good company. The following people are just a few who can thank their local community college for their start in life:
     J. Craig Venter (mapped the human genome); College of San Mateo, CA
     George Lucas (film producer, screenwriter, director); Modesto Junior College, CA
     Harry Reid (Senate minority leader); South Utah State College, UT
     Tom Hanks (actor, filmmaker); Chabot Community College, CA
     Nolan Ryan (Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher); Alvin Community College, TX … See more…Notable Former Community College Students
4. Program Choices. Over 130 academic and career building programs to choose from, means it can be harder to make a selection than to find an interest.
5. Modern Equipment. Due to strong business and industry partnerships, community colleges often have cutting-edge, industry-specific equipment to prepare students for the workforce.
6. Small Classes. Class sizes at community colleges are much smaller than those found in the freshman and sophomore year at public universities. Most classes have fewer than 35 students.
7. Quality Teaching. Community college classes are taught faculty, often industry professionals, not teaching assistants. Focus is on student support, not research or publishing, as is common at large universities.
8. Support Services. Community colleges typically offer a variety of student services such as academic support, counseling, career advising, tutorials, health care, financial aid, library and computer access.
9. Diversity. Community colleges reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. Students differ by age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, country of origin and more.
10. Open Access. Community colleges are not exclusive institutions catering only to a select few. We serve our communities. All high school graduates and even current high school students, in good standing, can enroll at their local community college.

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