Community Colleges Combat COVID-19

Maryland’s community colleges are taking proactive measures to minimize exposure to COVID-19 at our college campuses and satellite locations.

Preventative measures are in line with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the Maryland State Department of Health. Colleges will continue to monitor this rapidly developing situation and may announce further precautions as recommended by public health authorities.

College health and safety measures are outlined below. Individual college communications, preparations and action plans may be found at each college’s
website. Links to all 16 college websites can be located by clicking the gold “Explore Colleges” oval in the upper right corner of this web page.


  • Sharing of personal protection guidance from public health authorities with college communities
  • Sharing of COVID-19 college action plans
  • Shifting to online classes
  • Canceling most college events
  • Extending winter and/or spring break for students to allow staff to prepare for operational shifts
  • Suspending college-sponsored travel for students, faculty and staff


  • Creating college-based COVID-19 response teams
  • Enhancing coordination between key college staff and local government response teams
  • Coordinating with state and local agencies to disseminate information, collect data, and develop effective COVID-19 responses


  • Ensuring instructional continuity
  • Ensuring operational continuity
  • Providing for food-insecure students via ongoing food pantry access, care packages and grocery e-gift cards.
  • Connecting students in need to broader support services.