MACC’s Legislative Agenda

Highlights of the MACC Legislative Agenda are below. Click here for the complete document.

1. Operating Budget Request
A series of BRFA reductions since 2008, and rescissions made by the Board of Public Works have reduced state support of community colleges by more than $105 million for the 15 Cade-funded institutions.
♦     MACC requests restoration of the Cade formula statutory intent by increasing State aid to the 15 community colleges and BCCC by at least $26 million per year for the next four years.

2. Capital Budget Request
We ask for continued support in maintaining the integrity of the MACC Capital Budget Prioritization List.
♦     MACC seeks $123.6 million to fully fund the FY 2017 capital request – $51 million to fund the 8 pre-authorized projects from the 2016 request and another $73 million to meet the needs of the 15 new projects requested.

3. Financial Aid for Workforce Training Programs
MACC seeks a financial aid program of $2 million for students pursuing non-credit programs of study that lead to certification and licensure.

4. Statewide and Health Workforce Shortage Grant
Pursue full funding for Statewide Programs and the Health Manpower Shortage Grant. Currently there is a carry-over deficiency of $2.5 million.

5. Oppose increases in State-Mandated Tuition Waivers
6. Seek a State-sponsored Affordability Study to Address College Affordability and Student Debt
7. Seek funding for a Public Education Campaign to Increase Awareness of High School Student Dual Enrollment Opportunities