Board of Directors

iComposed of the president and the chair of the governing board or their designee from each member college, the MACC Board of Directors was organized to achieve the collective legislative and other statewide goals of its members and to advocate the benefits of community college services for the citizens of the State of Maryland.

The Board’s primary role is to establish and monitor the strategic direction for the community colleges. The Board is also responsible for establishing MACC policies and procedures in accordance with the Association’s bylaws.

Allegany College of Maryland
Dr. Cynthia S. Bambara, President
Kim B. Leonard, Trustee

Anne Arundel Community College
Dr. Dawn Lindsay, President
Lawrence W. Ulvila, Jr., Trustee

Baltimore City Community College
Dr. Debra McCurdy, President
Kurt L. Schmoke, Esq., Trustee

Carroll Community College
Dr. James D. Ball, President
Sherri-Le Bream, Trustee

Cecil College
Dr. Mary Way Bolt, President
Mark G. Mortenson, Trustee

Chesapeake College
Dr. Clifford P. Coppersmith, President
Nash McMahan, Trustee

College of Southern Maryland
Dr. Maureen Murphy, President
Theodore L. Harwood II, Trustee

Community College of Baltimore County
Dr. Sandra L. Kurtinitis, President
Gene Leitner, Trustee

Frederick Community College
D. Thomas Powell, Interim President
Dr. John Molesworth, Trustee

Garrett College
Dr. Richard Midcap, President
Don Morin, Trustee

Hagerstown Community College
Dr. James S. Klauber, President
John Williamson, Trustee

Harford Community College
Dr. Theresa Felder, President
Rev. Cordell E. Hunter, Sr., Trustee

Howard Community College
Dr. Daria Willis, President
Felicita Solá-Carter, Trustee

Montgomery College
Dr. Jermaine F. Williams, President
Michael J. Knapp, Trustee

Prince George’s Community College
Dr. Falecia Williams, President
Sidney L. Gibson, Trustee

Wor-Wic Community College
Dr. Murray K. Hoy, President
Russell W. Blake, Trustee