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National Student Loan Debt Clock

The above student loan debt clock is intended to approximate total debt. Actual total debt outstanding demonstrates more volatility at the beginning of each semester, when most student loans are disbursed.


bg-headerEconomic Impact of 16 Community Colleges

Independent analysis of the contribution 16 community colleges make to Maryland’s economy, employment, health, and future.
by Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. (Emsi) Publ: 12.2016

Fact Sheets – Economic Impact and ROI

Access Fact Sheets below:

ROI to Maryland ROI to Taxpayers
ROI to Business ROI to Students
ROI to Society Infographic

  by Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. (Emsi) Publ: 2016


bg-headerMACC Data & Resources

MACCDatabooks-smMACC Databooks
Statistical data from 16 Maryland community colleges and Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)

Report on Non-credit Continuing Education, Licensure & Certification, FY2015
Maryland Community College Assoc. of Continuing Education and Training (MCCACET)


Career & College Ready via Dual Enrollment
Presentation on the power of dual enrollment in creating college and career-ready students
2015 by MACC staff


Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce – selected reports

America’s Divided Recovery: College Haves and Have-Nots
Report reveals that 95% of jobs created during the economic recovery went to workers with at least some college education. (publ. 2016)
More: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce

Learning While Earning: The New Normal
Report explores completion challenges for the 70% of college students who balance work, college and other life priorities. Policy changes are also explored.(publ. 2015)
More: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce


Nursing: Supply and Demand through 2020
Report projects a growing need for qualified nurses and anticipates a shortfall by 2020. (publ. 2015)
More: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce

bg-headerComplete College America – selected reports


Four-Year Myth
Report shows on-time graduation is a myth for most college students; postponed graduations impact college affordability. (publ. 2014)
More: Complete College America


The Game Changers
Report tackles common obstacles to college completion and maps out new strategies for student success. (publ. 2013)
More: Complete College America


Time is the Enemy
Report highlights student data not previously collected, and its higher education policy implications. (publ 2011)
More: Complete College America