2015 Student Advocacy Day

Prince George's Community College

  • Phalese Hooks

    Phalese Hooks

  • David Lynch

    David Lynch

  • Monica Sampson

    Monica Sampson

"It has been a delightful, inspiring, encouraging and rewarding experience."

Phalese Hooks began taking classes at the college four years ago when the Mission of Love Charities provided her with a grant and encouraged her to explore educational opportunities at Prince George’s Community College. Today, she earned three certifications at Prince George’s Community College—certified nursing assistant, geriatric nursing assistant, and certified medical assistant.

“It has been a delightful, inspiring, encouraging and rewarding experience at Prince George’s Community College,” said Hooks. “I love the system, people and instructors here. I leave feeling well prepared and informed,” she added Currently, Hooks works in the home support section at Riverwood, an Erickson Living Community in Silver Spring. She plans to take additional classes at Prince George’s Community College to become a licensed practical nurse.

"He explored higher education as a way to transform his life."

David Lynch decided that manual labor and plumbing weren’t what he wanted to pursue as a career, so he explored higher education as a way to transform his life. After researching his options, Lynch selected Prince George’s Community College to obtain an associate degree in art with a focus on digital graphic design. He plans to continue his education at the University of Baltimore.

Lynch has been involved in students groups at Prince George’s Community College that offer creative outlets. He has served as director of club relations for the Student Governance Association, president of Student Engaged Gaming Alliance and vice president of By Any Means Necessary, a group that showcases student artistic talents. In 2012, Lynch participated in Maryland Association of Community College’s Student Advocacy Day.

"The college offers many opportunities academically, financially, and through service learning."

Monica Sampson graduated from high school in the Philippines in 2010. When she arrived in the United States, she selected Prince George’s Community College because it was affordable and the best community college for nursing students.

“What most students don't realize is that Prince George’s Community College offers so many opportunities to broaden someone's horizon whether it be academically, financially, and even through service learning,” said Sampson. “These opportunities, which open doors for me to better myself as a person overall, is what I like most about this college,” she added.

Sampson is currently the vice president of the Honors Society, director of administrative affairs for the Campus Activities Board, and vice president of the Asian Awareness Club. In addition, she serves as student leader for President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge for the 2012-2013 academic year.