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    Babette Becker

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“There have been endless benefits and changes from my experience at Cecil College.”

When Babette Becker began her education at Cecil College, as what she describes as a “much older student,” she was very uneasy about how she would be accepted in a college atmosphere. She was uncertain if she would be able to keep up with her fellow students simply because she had not sat in a classroom in 34 years. All of her worries were quickly put to rest allowing her to pursue her dual associate degrees in general studies and fine arts.

Babette says everyone at Cecil has been totally supportive of her efforts and plans for the future, which include earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as teaching at the college level. She feels like some of her classmates have become her second family. “My professors and instructors have been wonderful, and I love being taught by people who have a passion for the material they are teaching,” said Babette.

She believes every day is filled with opportunities to acquire more knowledge, and she plans to take advantage of these opportunities. “There have been endless benefits and changes from my experience at Cecil College, said Babette. “The most noticeable to those around me is that I smile a lot. I am very happy and fulfilled.”

“I want to be the best I can be and knew Cecil is where I could do it.”

According to Morgan Spratt, Cecil College has helped her become an independent person and taught her a lot about the world we live in. “I want to be the best I can be and knew Cecil is where I could do it,” said Morgan.

She initially took classes at Cecil as a senior in high school and loved it, so she stayed. At first, she found the medical assistant classes to be a little intimidating, but her fears were quickly alleviated thanks largely to the support of all those affiliated with the program.

Morgan feels the college has a great atmosphere and outstanding instructors. Shortly after completing the medical assistant coursework and gaining her certification, she found a job at Just Kids Pediatrics and says she loves it more than anything. She greatly enjoys working with the staff, which has welcomed her aboard.

After excelling on the non-credit side, Morgan has decided to continue her studies in the credit area with plans to apply to Cecil’s nursing program. She intends to study hard and do something great in the medical field to help her community. “With all of the experience I have gained, I know what to do if I face a challenge in real life,” said Morgan.

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