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"Carroll Community College instructors encouraged David Bryant to practice real-life applications that he found were extremely relevant in the work world."

When David Bryant began taking Continuing Education and Training courses at Carroll Community College (Carroll), he already had a bachelor’s degree in Business / Information Systems. He attended Carroll to obtain certifications in Information Systems that would enhance his ability to become employed in the field of Information Technology. Once he completed his course of study as an adult learner at Carroll, he successfully entered the job market through employment in a position that was well-suited to his skill set and related to his degree.

Attempting to break into a new career field created a few challenges for Bryant.  He explains that many Information Technology companies wish to hire experienced individuals who have proven track records within the field. Carroll provided Bryant with the resources to complete classes that helped him to enter the computer services area without much difficulty, he says.

Carroll offered hands-on learning, which made his class work more enjoyable and easy to understand.

Bryant believes that Carroll helped him to attain his goals by providing the most up-to-date instruction, which helped to build his confidence to enter the job market. In addition, Carroll instructors encouraged him to practice real-life applications that he found were extremely relevant in the work world.

"Ultimately, Carroll has helped me to grow into a confident leader and young adult."

Nineteen-year-old Karlie Pickett is a General Studies major at Carroll Community College (Carroll) in Westminster, Maryland. She plans to graduate in spring, 2013 and intends to transfer to a four-year university to study Communications and Marketing.

Pickett has many creative talents and plans to put them to use as a graphic designer one day. She aspires to work for a magazine to coordinate magazine layouts, photo editing and logo design.

Pickett says the support which Carroll provides her is a major reason for her success as a student. “The Student Life Office has been especially helpful to me,” said Karlie. “The staff has encouraged me to pursue my short and long-term goals, to keep on track with my classes, and to pursue the transfer process seamlessly,” said Pickett, who is a student worker in the Student Life Office.

Pickett said that when she first attended Carroll, she did not envision herself as a leader. “Ultimately, Carroll helped me to realize that I can grow into a self-secure leader of other students. I am completing the Leadership Challenge program and have grown into a confident young adult, as a result.”

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