2015 Student Advocacy Day

Allegany College of Maryland

  • Amanda Deal

    Amanda Deal

  • Ali Kitzmiller

    Ali Kitzmiller

  • Allegany video screen shot

    Allegany Video Testimonial

“ACM takes care of the whole student.”


Amanda Deal was apprehensive about attending college with two, young children at home, a husband working full-time, and more than ten years since she last sat in a classroom.  She knew college was important for her family’s future and was passionate about teaching America’s future.  She had taught at her church and wanted a career that would work with her children’s schedule.  After speaking with Allegany College of Maryland’s Turning Point Center advisor and Financial Aid personnel, she was ready to stop making excuses and enroll in college to pursue a career as an elementary education math teacher.  

She chose Allegany College of Maryland because “ACM takes care of the whole student”.  Amanda praises ACM faculty and staff for the personal attention they have given to her over the past two years.  “They know me by my first name and treat me like family.” College has been challenging for Amanda including learning how to interact with a diverse group of students and teaching herself math, which she had forgotten from high school, but she has overcome all of these obstacles.  Amanda appreciates the opportunity that ACM and all Maryland Community Colleges offer to students like her by opening the door and providing affordable, convenient access to higher education. 

“ACM/CE has provided me with excellent training and the tools I need for a successful career in real estate."

As a newly single mother, shortly after graduating from Frostburg State University, Ali found herself unemployed. At the suggestion of a close family friend, and with the encouragement of her family, she interviewed and was hired by a local real estate office.

Although Ali began as a bookkeeper, her supervisor encouraged her to pursue a license in real estate and appraising. With scholarships offered through the Center for Continuing Education at Allegany College of Maryland, Ali was able to take the Real Estate Sales Agent and Real Estate Appraisal Pre-licensure courses that are necessary to become licensed. After successfully completing the Real Estate classes, Ali passed her exam and is now a licensed agent. She is also currently a licensed trainee appraiser and is working to become a Certified Residential Appraiser. Advancing in her career, she is now the Office Administrator for Coldwell Banker.

Over the past twelve years, Allegany College of Maryland has played a huge role in the positive trajectory of Ali’s life and the life of her son, noting that “ACM/CE has provided me with excellent training and the tools I need for a successful career in real estate.”

Allegany Video Testimonial